Online Platform

for insertion companies in international trade

Practical guide for export and import.

  • Issuing and checking of export and import documents
  • Choice of forms of international payments
  • Choice of buying and selling arrangements (Incoterms)
  • Calculation of export prices
  • Calculation of import costs
  • Monitoring of export and import operations
  • and various other features

To connect exporters and importers with customers and suppliers through an intelligent search system.

  • Offer customers and suppliers
  • Search for customers and suppliers
  • Intelligent search engine
  • Cost reduction possibility
  • Profit increased possibility
  • Companies around the world

To connect exporters and importers with foreign trade logistics service providers.

  • Offer services for foreign trade
  • Search services for foreign trade
  • Cost reduction possibility
  • possibility of better quality of services
  • professionals from around the world

Management of import and export operations of business partners.

  • Standardization of route of the own company, customers and partners
  • Accompanying the stages of their exports and imports
  • Early perception of possible errors and delays, preventing losses and delays on deliveries
  • Control of the processes from the issuance of the proforma invoice to the delivery in the destination
  • Alternatives for freight, insurance and other logistics services with a low cost and better quality possibility
  • Data centralization (description, weight, volume, classification, etc.) and documents, reducing the margin of errors